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Romantic Heroes, a limited time collection of 7 full-length Historical Romances
Includes A Knight’s Quest, Book 1 of The Falling For a Knight Series

Welcome to Romantic Heroes, a collection of full-length historical romance novels from seven of your favorite historical romance authors.

From knights in shining armor to the sexy men of the Old West, lose yourself in these beautifully-crafted tales of romance. Swoonworthy heroes and fiery heroines will touch your heart and leave a lasting impression. This set includes:

Queen of Lost Stars by Kathryn Le Veque – Can a woman who has lost everything find love in a lonely knight?

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me by Barbara Devlin – Pinning his hopes on a kiss beneath the kissing bough, Lord Nicholas Sheldon enlists the aid of his onetime enemies, journeys to Portsea Island, and risks everything for a chance at happiness.

The Queen’s Man by Terri Brisbin – When a woman falls back in time to Elizabethan England, an adventure of a lifetime awaits.

Westbound Awakening by Hildie McQueen – A journey of hope and redemption as Captain John McClain and Mae Hawkins find themselves traveling west to a new life and new adventure.

A Knight’s Quest by Lana Williams – A lady bound by duty. A knight veiled in secrecy. Can love save them both?

A Knight’s Reward by Catherine Kean – Lord Dominic de Terre risks all to save the woman he loved and lost, but will he win a knight’s greatest reward?

Word of Honor by Alexa Aston – Can Geoffrey de Montfort and his wife, Merryn, recapture the love they once shared despite having spent years apart?

This is a limited edition collection, so get your copy now!

The Secret Trilogy Box Set

Three complete novels filled with romance, adventure, and mystery that follow three irresistible lords injured in an electromagnetic experiment that went terribly wrong and the women who help them heal through the power of love.

UNRAVELING SECRETS – When her father’s murderer returns from the dead to threaten her family, Abigail Bradford attempts to warn him off, but learns chasing a ghost is no easy task. She turns to the one man who can aid her, Stephen Nolton, Viscount Ashbury. But when Stephen discovers a link to his own past, he must decide if revealing his dark secret will lose his chance for love.

PASSIONATE SECRETS – Michael Drury, a handsome viscount, has spent his life avoiding personal connections, but when he decides to help governess Emma find a husband, his scheme ignites an uncontrollable firestorm of passion and intrigue. Michael and Emma must soon decide if they are strong enough to risk their hearts, and possibly their lives, for love.

SHATTERED SECRETS – Lucas, the new Earl of Berkmond, reluctantly offers a marriage of convenience to Moira, his childhood friend, only to realize his passion for her is anything but convenient. Moira discovers Lucas’s cool demeanor hides deep scars but glimpses of the boy she loved give her hope. Lucas’s past resurfaces to threaten all he holds dear, and he must either share his terrible secrets with Moira or risk losing her forever in order to stop the villain who threatens them.



Her Majesty’s Scoundrels
Includes Tempting the Scoundrel, Book 5 of The Seven Curses of London

Five original novellas from best-selling and award-winning authors featuring irresistible Victorian scoundrels and the fearless heroines who win their hearts.

Labeled as a wicked scoundrel by Society, Elliott Walker, the Earl of Aberland, does nothing to deny the outrageous rumors that blacken his reputation. In truth, he leads a double life, working for British Intelligence both in London and abroad. He’s returned home from a lengthy mission to find an unexpected addition to his household, upsetting the careful balance of his secret life and tempting him in ways he never dreamed possible.

Sophia Markham, the daughter of an impoverished viscount whose wastrel ways broke her mother’s heart, was raised by her bitter spinster aunt. Sophia knows there are grave consequences to trusting men, especially rogues. When her aunt dies, Sophia finds a position as a companion in London, determined to avoid marriage at all costs.

While Elliott would grant any wish to the grandmother he loves so dearly, he has no choice but to frighten away her beguiling new companion by playing the scoundrel. Having a set of beautiful hazel eyes watching his every move puts his hidden identity at risk.

Sophia is shocked at her attraction to the handsome earl, the exact type of man she’s been taught not to trust. But she can’t ignore the evidence–or her heart–that suggests there’s more to Elliott than meets the eye. Dare she trust him and his kisses? Or are his secrets deadlier than she could ever imagine?

The Vengeance Trilogy 
Medieval Romance

What will they risk for vengeance? Take a passionate journey with three full-length novels by best-selling author Lana Williams as bold knights, dangerous lords, and determined ladies must choose vengeance or love.

A Vow To Keep – Sir Royce has spent his entire life plotting vengeance but when he kidnaps the beautiful Lady Alyna and her precocious son, Royce soon realizes he has the chance for something better–love.

Trust In Me – Lord Nicholas seeks revenge for the harm done to his brother only to find himself married to Lady Elizabeth. Dare he risk revealing his dark secret to win the lady’s love?

Believe In Me – Lady Cristiana’s plan to make her mother’s murderer pay is cut short when world-weary Sir William arrives to escort her to her new guardian. As their passions rise, Cristiana must decide if revenge will fill her heart.



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